For many of us, writing about ourselves is difficult. We experience writers block because we’re worrying about WHAT we need to write, rather than focusing on WHY we need to write it in the first place. It’s less about tooting your own horn or filling your page with words to reach your the 250 word count for SEO and more about helping your customers get the information they’re looking for.

Three Things your about page should do …

1. Build trust

Your prospective customers have probably never met you, so it stands to reason that they’re looking for clues to help her understand why they should trust you. A photo, short back story about your professional credentials and testimonials from clients you have worked with will help. Add links to social media accounts, media releases, portfolio or case studies to support your story.

2. Let your customers know that you understand their problems and can help

Your about page needs to show your customers that you understand why they visited your website and that you can help them to do what  they want to do. Describe some of the problems they might have, the challenges they are facing and the products and/or services you provide that will fulfill their wants & needs.

3. Show people how to contact you

Make it easy for the customer to take the next steps by adding your contact details or other calls to action like, ‘visit our store’ or ’email us’.

Concluding thoughts:

Think of your about page as a service to your customer rather than a way to selfishly promote and you can’t go wrong.